As of Thursday last week, Abu Dhabi Police and other Police departments have announced rules all motorists should abide by during the long 48th National Day weekend.

Rules for the 48th National Day decorations are as follows;

  • UAE flags are allowed as long as they don’t cover the driver’s windshield, obstruct the driver’s view or endanger others.
  • Vehicles are allowed to be decorated with national phases as long as they are appropriate.
  • Stickers can not be stuck to license plates obscuring them.
  • It is not allowed to change the actual colour of the vehicle without prior approval from the authorities.
  • Colourful motifs and decals can only be applied to the side of one’s vehicles.
  • Occupants of the vehicle are not allowed to stand on the roof or sit on the windows.
  • The number of passengers for any vehicle should not exceed the actual amount.
  • Stunt driving is not allowed on the road. Revving one’s engine is also not allowed.
  • Spraying snow foam, silly string or other similar substances are not allows to be sprayed on public property.

Abu Dhabi Motorists can start decorating their vehicles from tomorrow ( 25th November 2019) and are allowed to keep the decorations up until the 6th of December 2019.

Additionally, Abu Dhabi Police announced harsh penalties for those caught breaking the rules.

“Any vehicle that is driven in a manner that poses danger to others, or if they race on the roads, will result in the confiscation of the vehicle, an AED 2,000 fine and 12 traffic points,” said the Abu Dhabi police.

Fines will also be issued to drivers with noisy vehicles or if they have modified the engine of their vehicle without approval.

Fujairah and Ajman Police have issued statements as to when road users can decorate their cars. From the 28th of November 2019 to the 5th of December 2019. Both departments urged motorists to follow the traffic rules and drive carefully during the holidays.

Only official rallies will be allowed on public roads. To participate in the official rally, residents will require a permit which is obtainable via the Directorate of the Traffic and Patrols.